iPhone Notes – How To View Them In Gmail

iPhone Notes

iPhone Notes is one of the neat pre-installed apps the device comes with and it helps you with your note-taking tasks. However, as much as the app is available on iOS, they’re not available on non-iOS devices – you may need iCloud for that.

This is exactly why you have to get iCloud and launch it on your other device to view Notes on it, but not everyone prefers using multiple websites or apps when they can use one for it. in that case, you can sync Notes from your iPhone to a tool you use regularly – like Gmail.

It’s possible to view iPhone Notes in Gmail, but the main method entails adding your Gmail account to your iPhone, and then enable sync for Notes in Gmail. Follow our detailed steps to get it done.

How to view iPhone Notes in Gmail

Add Gmail account

To do this:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Go to Passwords & Accounts
  • Tap Add Account>Google
  • Enter your login details and follow the steps to setup

Gmail will now be labeled under Passwords & Accounts settings on your iPhone.

Enable Notes in Gmail

The next thing to do is to enable Notes in Gmail. To do this, sync data from Notes app to Gmail by enabling Gmail sync in Settings>Passwords & Accounts>Gmail and turn the toggle on.

Add Notes to Sync with Gmail

Once you enable Notes in Gmail, Notes app will create a Gmail section which means only the notes under it will be available in Gmail. To do this:

Open Notes

  • Tap Notes and tap Add icon to start typing your notes

Note: You can’t create new folders under Gmail in iPhone as you would under iCloud. The notes will be added to the default Notes folder.

How to view Notes in Gmail

The last step is viewing notes in Gmail. This will appear under Notes in Gmail’s interface on web and mobile. Gmail will create a new label called Notes once enabled in Gmail.

To view the notes, log into your Gmail account from the app or browser, and check for the Noes label in the sidebar to the left or swipe right on mobile and tap Notes.

You can use search if you want to find notes by typing notes in the search box and pressing enter. Your notes will be displayed as normal emails in Gmail, and you can click on it to view notes you have synced from your iPhone.

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