Minecraft Earth – How To Sign Up For The Beta

minecraft earth

Minecraft Earth, an all-new, free-to-play augmented reality game is now available on your mobile device.

The game, which allows you to be able to build creations with friends, and place them at life-size, in real world, is in its beta version, and you can sign up now to check it out ahead of its release later this year.

With Minecraft Earth, you get to discover exciting new mobs you can use in your builds, which will actually test your survival skills as you battle real life Minecraft mobs and explore a new side to your neighborhood.

The game is free to play, and will come to Android and iOS this summer only on AR-capable devices.

Unlike Minecraft, which has always been about creativity, Minecraft Earth is about expressing yourself on a whole new level, sharing masterpieces and delving into others’ creations.

How to sign up for Minecraft Earth Beta

minecraft earth

If you want a chance to participate in Minecraft Beta this summer, all you need to do is go to Minecraft.net/earth and sign up.

To play in closed beta, you need a Microsoft or Xbox Live account, app-store login, and a mobile device that runs at least Android 7 or iOS 10.

You’ll receive updates for the game, a free skin for Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Earth, and a chance to be among the first to play Microsoft Earth. The skin is a limited-time available feature so sign up already!

Microsoft is committed to bringing the game to the whole world, but it will be rolled out gradually so that everyone has the best play experience. It will also support all languages similar to those of the regular vanilla Minecraft.

With Minecraft Earth, you can:

  • Collect and breed unique variants featuring many of the mobs you know and love, and use them to populate your builds
  • Meet with like-minded crafters, and collaborate to create masterpieces, or work on a smaller scale with your besties before taking it out to the wild in full size
  • Create your own mini-adventures as a small group.

You’ll find several familiar elements from the existing game. The best part is the Build Plates, where you can create a plot and build anything you want on it, and literally walk around it once its ready and you’ve blown it up to full scale.

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