Can’t Connect To Fortnite? Try These Fixes

Can’t Connect To Fortnite

Fortnite is a cross-platform game that’s massively popular among gamers. When you can’t connect to Fortnite, whether its on your phone, game console or PC, it can be frustrating especially if playing with others.

The game relies on a myriad of things to work, which includes a strong internet connection, and Fortnite’s servers which are located in several parts across the world.

Fortnite may not be working for you for different reasons, but the internet connection should be the first thing you check in your home or gaming space. If the connection is good, try the fixes below to resolve the problem before trying to connect to Fortnite again.

Fix Can’t Connect To Fortnite

Here are some preliminary checks you can use when you can’t connect to Fortnite on your computer.

Before you do anything else or try to use any of the fixes below, check your internet connection, and then go to the Epic Games status website. This site shows you whether the various services used with Fortnite are working and in operation, or are experiencing performance issues.

Epic Games keeps updating its website frequently and you’ll see messages at the top of the website that explore whether or not a particular service is working as it should.

Similarly, the official Fortnite Twitter page or account also offers timely updates so that all players can know the status of their gaming activity when they can’t connect to Fortnite.

The Twitter account also has all the tweets and replies on a tab in Twitter, which shows all the questions and answers that Epic Games has responded to. This can be your own question or those posted by other players.

If this isn’t enough, you can use the Down Detector to check if the problem is from your end or from Epic Games’ end. Otherwise try some troubleshooting fixes to check on the hardware you’re using to play Fortnite.

There’s a slew of troubleshooting options you can use from Epic Games website to fix the problem if it isn’t coming from the server side. These include restarting your console, clearing the console cache, and even fixing internet connectivity issues.

If you have any further concerns, check with the Epic Games support team for assistance on your specific query.

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