Unc0ver Team Is Stepping Up the Version of Jailbreak to 3.2.0 But Can’t Crack iOS 12.2.3

Unc0ver team has been working hard to release a new version of Jailbreak, while all eyes are on the latest iOS 13. So every iPhone and iPad users are waiting for a new jailbreak for their devices. After Apple’s 2019 WWDC event, the unc0ver team has announced their version 3.2.0 jailbreak with big promises for a tool that comes with notable changes. You can follow the unc0ver team and the leader Pwn20wnd and their release of the new version of Jailbreak.

What Is New?

The team worked hard to release this new version of the iOS jailbreak tool, and have dealt with previous versions of bugs. After confronting with the issue named CS_DEBUGGED option, they are proud to present the unc0ver jailbreak version 3.2.0. With this new version, a lot of changes are coming. A new release for the user interface has been changed after the design makeover has been requested.

Besides this, the unc0ver jailbreak version was looking pale in comparison to Chimera Jailbreak. Everything has changed now because unc0ver 3.2.3 is changed and ready for download. The unc0ver team doesn’t want to be behind the changes of both Apple and Team Electra, that’s why the Jailbreak includes now a Dark Mode. Funny thing is the Dark Mode feature is rumored for the latest iOS 13 as well.

On the other hand, the unc0ver team is saying that the Jailbreak is still limited. The version 3.2.0 is working only with iOS devices that have versions starting from 11.0 up to 12.1.2. From that, we can see one thing. Unc0ver has improved its Jailbreak to work for the entire versions except iOS 12.2 that remains impenetrable at this moment.

Finally, the hope is not lost because a lot of security researchers are saying that there is always a weak point in the operating system so that they will find a way sooner or later.

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