3 Ways To Block Emails On Your iPhone

Block Emails On Your iPhone
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Want to block emails on your iPhone? There are several legit reasons why people would want to block email senders, mostly because they’re scammers, or they send you irrelevant content. Other times you may just want to ignore old acquaintances for personal reasons.

However, blocking email addresses isn’t as straightforward as you’d hope it to be on your iPhone or iPad and other iOS device, but we have three ways you can use to relieve your stress.

How to Block Emails on Your iPhone

Via Webmail in Safari

Most, if not all, webmail service providers allow signing in from mobile devices with access to a mobile version from your inbox. From this platform, you can also request the desktop version using the Refresh button in Safari, and tap Request Desktop Site.

If you’re on Gmail, you won’t get access to blocking features, but other major email providers like iCloud, Microsoft Outlook and Yahoo! Mail let you access mail-blocking from mobile browsers.

In order to block messages from server-side, you can sign in to your mail provider from a web browser and request the desktop site. Once you do this, take the steps below:

  • iCloud: tap Settings>Rules>Add a Rule and create a new If a message is from rule for the address you want to block. Select Move to Trash and Mark as Read
  • Outlook: Tap Settings>View full settings>Options. In the new screen, click Mail>Junk email>Blocked senders and other addresses you want blocked
  • Yahoo! Mail: tap Settings>More Settings>Security & Privacy. In the new screen, find Blocked Addresses and click +Add

If you can’t access the desktop website from a mobile device, try and log in using a PC or Mac.

Via Gmail

If you want to block emails on your iPhone from Gmail, you need to download the Gmail app or use Safari to access its desktop version, though it won’t work from mobile devices.

To block emails, do this:

  • Download Gmail app, and open it then sign in
  • Go to the email you want blocked and tap on it
  • Tap the three dots at the top right side of the message
  • Select Block “[sender]”

Via Email Provider’s iOS App

If your email provider has an iOS app, you can block emails on your iPhone using the app, and access features that the Mail app cannot. Most such apps are free, so you can try it out in a few minutes.

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