No Storage In Gmail? Here’s How To Clear It Out

Storage In Gmail

Running out of cloud storage in Google Drive is one of the worst nightmares you can get, especially if you’re used to just storing everything in there. Free storage in Gmail is available for each user but only up to 15GB, and once that’s full, they have to buy more storage.

If you don’t have the money to pay for more storage, you can clear out your Gmail inbox and free up some space for more items.

Before you clear it out, check your Google Drive storage page so you know exactly which apps are eating up the most of your cloud storage. If the issue is with Photos or Drive, there are other tips to deal with this situation.

How to Clear Out Storage In Gmail


It’s best not to get too attached to items in storage in Gmail, because it will be hard to get rid of them. Generally, the drop-down menu on the right of the search bar in Gmail will help.

You can click on this menu and check the different options it gives you.

Similarly, attachments could also eat up storage space, especially those sent to you over the years, as they accumulate and hog a lot of space. You can use the search menu to remove them, if you don’t need them anymore.

Use filtering

Gmail filtering helps you delete stuff that are sitting around your inbox and eating up precious storage space. You can do this using these steps:

·         Open an email message and click the three dots on the side

·         Click Filter messages like this and select the messages you want filtered and deleted

The search bar can also filter everything based on their date and space they take up. You can go for anything more than 5MB and delete them.

Clear up subscriptions

This helps prevent future issues as subscriptions can really fill up your inbox fast. Delete whatever you have subscribed to that you don’t use, as some contain newsletters that pile up and email blasts that just don’t stop rolling in.

You can use a free third-party app that’ll show you whatever you subscribe to and delete or keep. But be careful when giving such apps access to your account.

Take out the trash

Empty spam and trash folders to release space in Gmail storage as there’s no need ot keep them around anymore.

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