Can’t Sync Google Calendar With iOS? Try These Fixes

Sync Google Calendar With iOS

If you can’t sync Google Calendar with iOS completely, or some new events you added won’t display on the calendar, there are a couple of fixes we’ve discovered that you can try.

Enable your calendar in iOS app

One of the reasons Google Calendar doesn’t seem to sync with iOS is that it hasn’t been enabled in your iOS calendar app.

While this may seem easy to do, it’s worth checking if it is enabled before you try and make changes to your calendar or device settings.

To do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select your Google account
  • Check that Calendars is enabled
  • Open Calendar app
  • Tap Calendars. You’ll see all calendars on your device. If some aren’t selected, tick them and they’ll be added to your Google Calendar.

You can also refresh the menu and iOS will have to check your Google account for new entries. If the calendar you want isn’t ticked, it means it was syncing but hidden.

Push Google Calendar to iOS

Sometimes when you can’t sync Google Calendar with iOS, it may be that the calendar just refuses to show in the app. This may be an issue from Google, even though everything looks fine from the onset.

You may not even get any suggestions that your calendar isn’t being synced or pushed to your device, and no option whatsoever to enable it.

However, you can use Google Calendar Sync Settings to specify the calendars you want pushed to your device, and this isn’t on Google Calendar’s web interface.

Click on the link and you may find all calendars that were hidden are actually unticked. Once everything is in check, go to Calendar app and tap Calendars and then refresh for the calendars to be displayed.

Delete and add your account again

If enabling visibility or pushing the calendar to your device won’t work, you can delete your account and add it back again.

To do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Tap Delete Account under Google account settings
  • Add your account and make sure you use a password that is app-specific. Do this via Google Account Security Settings
  • Give it a descriptive name, and delete the previous one
  • Verify your credentials

Check the Calendars box while you set up, and your Google Calendar will be pushed to your device.

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