Redmi Note 6 Receives MIUI 10 Update

Xiaomi’s Redmi line recently acquired a new member to the collection, Redmi Note 6 Pro. Since Xiaomi has a record of being quick with their updates, Redmi Note 6 has already received its first software update. When first buying Redmi Note 6, users were pleased to find it came with Android 8.1-based MIUI 9 pre-installed. Now, the device has not even been launched globally, and the manufacturer already rolled out the next version of the software, MIUI 10, which is stable and available to download.

Even more, is has been rumored that Reddmi note 6 will soon come with MIUI 10 pre-installed. The update will probably be released in fragments, so some users may get the update notification sooner than others, but the update will certainly slowly reach every device.

Redmi Note 6 Receives MIUI 10 Update

The lucky Redmi Note 6 users who were amongst the first to receive the update have already started discussing the improvements MIUI 10 delivers. Some of them praised the new Camera tools that add effects to photos, giving them the opportunity to edit options like lightning, blur effects, light trails and more.

Another enhancement everyone is discussing is actually a fix. Redmi improved the notch’s look, making it more polished. Redmi also brought back the option to show the battery percentage at the top of the screen. MIUI 10 also reportedly made the user experience smoother and faster.

Unfortunately, the new interface update also brings some downsides. There have been some complaints about the appearance of the clock, while other users experienced issues while playing music with their headphones plugged in. Some were disappointed by the new design of the volume slider. All in all, the MIUI 10 update is a major step for Xiaomi, leading the company to even bigger achievements. There are rumors claiming an even bigger update will be released by the end of the week, so stay tuned!

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