No “Hey Google!” Needed, AI For Everyone, and More – Google I/O Live Updates

This year’s Google I/O Conference will be all about the Nest Hub Max, Google Assistant, Android Q, and the new Pixel smartphones. The conference has just begun, and we’re covering all the important announcements.

Are you watching the Google I/O Conference? If not, here are the latest updates. Check out the highlights of this year’s Google I/O Conference.

Google I/O 2019 Highlights

Full Coverage – this feature added to Google News to give users more information about the news event they’re interested in will also be introduced in Google Search

View in 3D – Google search will also get a view in 3D – with your phone’s AR abilities, you can watch some search results in 3D.

Google Lens – use Google Lens to see which are the best-selling dishes in a menu, and you can even see how much you have to pay for it if you split the bill!

Google Go – Point your device at a text, and it will translate, listen and search to give you what results you’re looking for.

Google Duplex – the conference also revealed an improved Google Duplex, where the Assistant rented a car from a car rental service.

Next-Gen Assistant – this is where we’re quite impressed: not only you won’t need to use “hey Google” every time you want to use the Assistant, but it is ready to be implemented in the Pixel devices this year. All devices with Assistant will also get a driving mode without the need to add it as a different app.

Incognito Mode – users will be able to use incognito mode in Maps or Search.

Live Caption on the Go – users can enable live caption on any videos. Google is focused on making people’s lives easier, focusing on improving the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community’s way of communicating through Live Caption and many other AI applications like Project Euphonia. Check out the video here:

Android Q

The latest Android operating system was just announced, along with the news that many manufacturers that are creating foldable phones will come out with Android Q. Also known as Android 10, the OS will also bring Dark Theme – you can easily toggle between the light and dark theme to save more battery.

More parental controls will also be available on Android Q, considering many children get a phone from an average age of eight.

Android Q beta is going to be available on 21 devices across 12 OEMs.

Nest Hub – is coming this year and it will cost $129.

Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

The anticipated new Pixel phones Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL have been revealed. The Pixel 3a comes in three colors, features a headphone jack, and should snap some great photos in low-light conditions. Battery life is adaptive, using machine learning to help you save battery. It comes with the same security as the Pixel 3, and will also receive Android Q this summer. It will be available starting at $399, and it is available starting today!

Google AI (Solving Problems for People) – Google AI uses open-source software, applied research and papers to help solve problems like language understanding. AI is used to impact future research, and Google aims to empower everyone to use AI in addressing certain challenges in research.

The goal this year at Google I/O is “to move from a company that helps you find answers to a company that also helps you get things done,” as Jeff Dean, the lead of (Google’s AI division), concluded in the conference, adding that they want to “build a more helpful Google for everyone.”

The Google I/O event continues and will last until May 9, so check back here for more details about everything that will be revealed in the next days.

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