Microsoft Announced New Features For The Microsoft Edge Browser

Recently, Microsoft announced some new improvements that its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is going to receive. At the Build 2019 developer event in Seattle, the company revealed the new features their users are going to enjoy soon.

In 2018, Microsoft announced their decision to base their Edge browser, that comes pre-installed in Windows 10, on the same code used by the browser’s worst enemy, Google Chrome. The rivalry between the two browsers increased, even more, when Edge was moved to the open-source Chromium engine.

The news brought joy to many fans who were happy they could finally enjoy Chrome’s most wanted features on their Edge browser. Even more, since Chromium is open-source, any new additions made by Microsoft can be used by users of other Chromium-based browsers.

Next, there are some of the new features Microsoft announced for the Edge browser.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser revealed by the company at Build 2019 conference

Internet Explorer Mode

Users can now open new tabs in the format of the old Internet Explorer. Since there are still so many websites and web apps that were created for Internet Explorer, this feature offers users the opportunity to view them correctly.

Improved Privacy Tools

You can now personalize your privacy preferences on Edge. There are three available levels of privacy: Unrestricted, Balanced and Strict. Microsoft claims this option will give users more power over their experience in terms of security.


A new addition to the Edge browser is the Collections feature. Users can use it to collect and organize files from the internet. The new feature could certainly be very useful to students.

Fluid Framework

This is a feature specifically designed for web developers. This addition promises to help developers create and edit web pages faster than ever. Fluid Flamework will have robots, as well as humans, viewing your work and offering live recommendations.

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