Can POCO F1 and OxygenOS Make a Beautiful Team?

When we talk about POCO F1, we have all the reasons to say that it is a fantastic smartphone, with a lot of excellent features and specifications at the lowest price. So, POCO F1 with its reasonable price and the 2018’s Snapdragon 845 is perfect, but… there is always a “but.” The main downside of the POCO F1 smartphone it’s the UI. The phone has come with MIUI 10 Pre-Installed, and this didn’t allow us to see the device’s true potential.

OxygenOS and POCO F1?

Well, what do you say if the OnePlus’s OxygenOS can be found in the POCO F1? Some fantastic developers have made this possible, and now you can install the OxygenOS ROM on your POCO F1. We have some features to talk about and how to install it, so stay with us.


First of all, just to safe and sound, the OxygenOS ROM for the POCO F1 is stable. Also, all the highlights from OxygenOS are working on POCO F1, the dialer app is working, and OnePlus launcher, gaming mode is functional too. Second of all, OxygenOS is coming on POCO F1 with the ambient display, OnePlus Gestures, Pie Navigation bar and are working.

Also, if you want to do more with your OxygenOs, you can customize the launcher, icons, and wallpapers and use the ROM as a Daily Driver. OxygenOS is adding the features to the camera app, too, only the portrait mode isn’t working.


Before you start the installation, some things are necessary:

  • A POCO F1 phone with Unlocked Bootloader;
  • OxygenOS ROM for POCO F1;
  • DM-Verity Disabler for POCO F1;
  • Google Camera MOD;
  • Ringer App.

Step 1 for Installation: turn off your POCO F1 phone and boot it into TWRP Recovery;

Step 2 for Installation: go to Wipe Menu – Advanced Wipe – Dalvik Cache – System – Data – Cache and Vendor, and swipe to wipe it.

Step 3 for Installation: after that go back twice and select the Install Menu – Install the OxygenOS ROM and confirm flash;

Step 4 for Installation: after the flash process is complete, go back to Install Menu – select DM Verity Disabler File- Install and confirm flashing;

Step 5 for Installation: Reboot and wait around 10 minutes to boot your device into the ROM. Take note that installing Face Unlock and Fingerprint Scanner when you are setting up your phone could give a bug to your device.

Step 6 of Installation: Now you can install the Ringer APK alongside with the Google Camera MOD;

Step 7 of Installation: go to Notification Panel – Edit – Drag and Drop the ringing modes where you want to have it;

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