Apple’s iOS 13 Comes with New Changes and Improvements

We are all waiting for the announcement from Apple regarding its latest mobile software update, the iOS 13. We are expecting that Apple will make the announcement during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June. Like is happening with all the new devices or updates, a lot of rumors and news are passing on the Internet. Let’s see all the information we have gathered.

New iOS 13 Update

We know that iOS 13 will come with a system-wide dark mode for all the iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The same dark mode is present in Apple’s macOS Mojave, and the request for it has been increasing in the last years. Unfortunately, this feature can be obtained only through jailbreak. If you want to have it, download Eclipse to customize your device.

Besides this, iOS 13 is coming with other changes too, most of all on the iPad. Some of the features will improve the multitasking in your iPad. So from the moment, you will update your system, multiple windows could be open. You will have these windows attached to your screen, but you can detach them by swiping or dragging them. Also, you will see a depth effect on the detached cards; this will indicate you the position of the card.

Moreover, new features will be the undo gesture, font management, improvements to Safari, and other fixes needed to the system like better keyboard support, a redesigned Reminders app, and a new Volume HUD. Unfortunately, we don’t have an official preview of iOS 13 by now, only creation from a mobile designer. Guilherme Martins Schasiepen has created a realistic render of the iOS 13, of course, according to his imagination, and you can find it on his Twitter account. The good news for users is that they don’t have to wait much longer for Apple’s iOS 13 update, so stay tuned!

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