Will Apple Bring the New Foldable iPhone in 2020?

After Samsung’s testing foldable device and the announcement of Huawei’s foldable device, guess who’s next? Apple, that’s right! Apple wants to join the foldable market with its new foldable iPhone 2020. The news comes alongside the patent filed by Apple, whose name is Electronic Devices With Flexible Displays. This patent shows us the plans of the company, and more precisely of a foldable iPhone.

Will We Have a Foldable iPhone in 2020?

If we count the filed patent of a foldable OLED screen, yes, we can wait for a release like that. The license also shows that they are trying to create a foldable display that can reduce the problems of cold temperatures because the weather can affect the foldable displays. After Samsung’s experience with the Galaxy Fold, Apple could learn some lessons. Samsung’s device had experienced a lot of problems regarding the screen.

However, the advisors from Merril Lynch were the ones that have predicted a foldable iPhone getting launched in 2020. Apple is coming with a different approach regarding the foldable device. The other companies, Huawei and Samsung, went to create their device to envelop both vertically inwards and outwards. But Apple’s plan until now is that their smartphone to fold horizontally.

Besides this, regarding the specs for the iPhone 2020, we could imagine that the device will have the same Apple’s set of specifications, a foldable display, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, Apple’s own A-series processor, and a necessary bigger battery. Considering all the information we got by now, it’s very early to make a judgment about the next foldable iPhone 2020, how it will look, or the price. The project is still in its immature stage, so other details aren’t available. We could imagine, of course, the amount will be substantial. If you want to imagine how the new foldable iPhone 2020 will look, you can find a video on YouTube from a channel named ConceptsiPhone, which is showing the new device and how it can look from their vision.

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