How You Can Uninstall Your Steam Games

Steam is one of the most popular gain platforms. It is the ideal place to create your game collection, as the platform allows users to find games, download them and then install them. It helps gamers keep everything in one place.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer, after a while you might need to get rid of some of the games, especially when you are running low on storage. Here is how you can uninstall games from your Steam library.

Uninstall games from Steam

You can choose to uninstall your games directly from Steam, and it is a simple process. First of all you need to launch Steam. Now head over to Library and then go to Games. Find the game that you want to uninstall and right click it from the sidebar on the left. Choose Uninstall and then select Delete to confirm your decision.

Once you do this your game will be removed from your computer. The game will remain in your Steam library and you can download it again if you wish.

Uninstall games from Windows

You can also uninstall your Steam games through Windows. In order to do that you need to use the Windows Add or Remove Programs tool. Press the Win key and then type Add or Remove Programs. The tool will launch and you will see a list of programs. Scroll down until you find the game that you want to remove. Then simply click on it and choose Uninstall.

Delete the game completely

Sometimes some files are left behind even if you uninstalled the game. In order to delete them you need to head over to the Steam folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\). Once you are there go to steamapps > common and right click the folder you want to remove and select Delete.

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