iPhone 11 Final And Official Design Reportedly Leaked On The Internet

That time of the year has finally come, and no, we are not talking about spring. As WWDC is happening in about two months from now, and the 2019 iPhone models from Apple are not too many months away from being released either, the Apple rumor mill is about to kick into high gear. Reportedly, iPhone 11 final and official design leaked.

And even though Apple has made an effort to “double down” on product secrecy, not much can be done by Apple to prevent the leaking of substantive rumors regarding upcoming products as observed in the previous few years. However, it is interesting to see that Apple itself provided those leaks and not third-parties.

Until this part of the year, Apple has not slipped yet, but it does not mean that the rumor mill is not loud. As another week passes, we get more and more insight on how the iPhone 11 lineup will look like and what specifications they will feature.

iPhone 11 final and official design appeared on the Internet

The past weekend we have seen some concrete molds of the iPhone 11 models that have been surfacing online this week. We now have a clearer understanding of what Apple’s next-gen iPhone lineup will look like.

The photos you can see below has been first posted on Weibo, and a user on Slashleaks subsequently picked them up. Based on leaked information from the vast supply chain Apple has, these case moldings that were purportedly put together by case manufacturers. So even though the accuracy of the mockups seen in the featured image can’t be guaranteed, we must take into consideration the fact that to ascertain accurate information about upcoming iPhone models, manufacturers will often take extreme measures to get a jump on production.

As it has bee evidenced above, both new iPhones will have features such as a triple-lens camera design that will offer users an enhanced zoom experience and ultra wide-angle shots.

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