Microsoft Removes A Feature From Windows 10 – Microsoft Sets

In November 2017 Microsoft announced a new UI experience in the form of Microsoft Sets. The feature aimed to reinvent the user interface with the help of an interesting tab format. Many noted that it looked quite similar to some web apps, and some cited Chrome OS as an obvious inspiration. Tabbed apps would have been a great addition, and the demand has been present since Microsoft added the Station feature.

The initial schedule inferred that Sets would be offered along with the Timeline feature, which should have allowed users to transfer several tasks between different machines. While the latter was integrated in April 2018, the former was delayed time and time again as the Redmond company sought to improve the experience.

According to the reliable source the feature was included in the upcoming May Update but it was removed after a closed Windows Insider group provided negative feedback. It seems that many found the feature to be too complicated while others claimed that it was useless.

Microsoft removes Microsoft Sets from Windows 10, due to the unpopularity

Other voices note that the decision to scrap Sets was also motivated by the fact that it did not interact well with Office and a compatibility overhaul would have been too expensive. There were also conflicts between the feature and the revamped Edge browser which is now based on Chromium.

Microsoft is currently working on consolidating the reputation of the OS in a market which has started to lean solutions heavily as a service. The company states that Windows offers a remarkable user experience without the need to make life complicated for system administrators.

This approach prompted some news outlets to release clickbait articles which claimed that Microsoft would add a subscription fee similar to that paid to access services like Office 365. The rumor was quickly shot down, but Microsoft could explore this approach when it comes to the release of a new version of Windows. It is expected that the May Update will add lots of new features and several bug fixes should improve the overall stability and performance of the OS.

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