Xbox Two Would Defeat PlayStation 5, According To Recent Rumors

In the left corner, we have the PlayStation 5 with a little more details and spec known about the device, and in the right corner, we have the new Xbox Two about we know some features from Microsoft insiders. The information from the Microsoft insiders is saying that the new next-gen of Xbox will be more advanced than the one of Sony’s PlayStation 5.

What Do the Microsoft Insiders know about Xbox Two?

Editor of Seasoned Gaming, Ainsley Bowden, says that it has reliable information about the next-gen console from Microsoft insiders. The first information is that the new Xbox One successor will have the codename Anaconda, and it will top the PlayStation 5. All this information is released after Sony has recently revealed the specification about PlayStation 5.

When Microsoft was talking about their new Xbox, the idea was they will build and publish the most powerful console yet seen. Considering Sony’s revealed specification, we are sure that Microsoft will try to cement their idea.

Will the upcoming Xbox Two indeed outperform PlayStation 5?

If we are reviewing Sony’s new PlayStation 5 spec and capabilities, we will have an AMD APU comprised of a 7 nm 2-based octa-core chip, a Navi-based GPU architecture, and support for real-time ray tracing, plus resolutions up to 8K. If we believe the information revealed by the insider, the new Xbox is based on the same architecture, but it will achieve better performance with higher speed, a faster RAM, and additional cores.

Finally, Microsoft is doing its best to outgone Sony’s consoles, because performance isn’t everything. By comparison, Sony had shipped 91.6 million PS4 consoles, and Microsoft around 40 million Xbox One consoles worldwide, even if the company’s consoles are much powerful. So the battle is still on, who will take the lead with the most powerful console and the most sold worldwide, we will found out.

Soon, we will find out if Xbox Two, or whatever its name would be, will indeed outperform PlayStation 5.

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