Clash of Clans Hidden Changes Spotted [April Update]

Clash of Clans players have been quite busy lately with all the new content added to the game these past days. The latest update rolled out on April 2, and then another optional update was released on April 4. While we kept you updated on the new features and changes that were introduced with this update, we didn’t reveal some hidden things spotted in the game. Let us check them out below.

Not All Heroes Are 3D!

You have seen that the Clash of Clans Season Challenges have also introduced 3D Heroes among many other features. But what you haven’t spotted yet was that not all Heroes are 3D. Poor Grand Warden is still 2D, but will surely get its third volume in the next update.

Another thing you will notice is that the visual for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen no longer look change at different levels. That is because of the 3D model. Will this change in the future so that we can easily differentiate the levels? We will have to wait and see.

Heroes Take the Knee

When the Heroes needed to replenish their health points, they went to sleep. Well, leaders do not need naps anymore (poor guys), but they do take the knee to show you that they’re drained…

The Queen Waves At You

If you tap on the Queen, she will wave at you! How many of you noticed it? If you have followed the Clash of Clans official Twitter page, we’d say a lot.

A New Rank Tab

Although it’s empty, there is a new rank tab that will soon add Clan War League rank to the game.

League Medals Rewards Limit Increased from 2.000 to 2.500.

Log into Clash of Clans and start discovering those changes on your own – just don’t tap too much on the Queen… she has other things to do rather than wave! Remember to keep the game updated to get the full experience. The latest version of the game is 11.446.15, which came with various bug and crash fixes.

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