Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumors Suggest A Fresh Design And Improved Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phablet was well-received by fans and reviewers alike, and many are looking forward towards the next entry in the successful series – Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Read below to learn more about the supposed features of the upcoming device.

Samsung usually releases the latest flagship smartphone at the start of the year while the Galaxy Note range typically launches during the last months of each year. This year is no exception to that rule and Samsung has already rolled out the Galaxy S10 lineup. We should expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to come out in fall 2019.

Galaxy Note 10 might come with a new name

Some sources claim that the device is being developed under the codename of Da Vinci. While Samsung loves to number its devices, the company may decide to change the name to avoid potential confusions. A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet was released in 2012, and it is likely that the marketing department will try to avoid any confusion that would arise.

A fresh design for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Many die-hard Samsung fans complained that the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 models featured a design which was too similar to that of previous models. The Galaxy S10 proved that Samsung is still able to deliver impressive devices and the revamped looks were a hit among the public.

Galaxy Note 10 could feature a new design choice, but some are hoping that Samsung will opt for a pop-up camera.

Note 10 might come out without physical buttons

A few sources claim that Samsung is working on an enhanced gesture system and it plans to remove physical buttons from future devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The chances for such a change are quite low since it could backfire if the alternate methods won’t be popular.

Improved specs

The Galaxy S series may showcase bleeding edge technology, but the Note range will always pack some interesting features which set it apart in a market that is oversaturated.

Accordingly, Galaxy Note 10 might come with a faster processor, extra RAM, and larger built-in storage space than its predecessor. An upgraded S Pen would be lovely, too. The basic specs should be on par with those offered by the standard S10, which means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will feature 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in storage space, with the option to choose between several sizes.

Until an official announcement arrives, we can only hope that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 will be better than the Note 9.

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