Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Leaks Reveal High-Performance Tech Specs

We’re only three months after the release of Surface Pro 6, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 leaks are already making the fans thinking about the upcoming Surface Pro device. According to some sources, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 would sport high-performance tech specs that would make Surface Pro 6 look low-profile.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro devices are the best-selling lineup that the famous tech company has ever released. While the Surface Pro 6 is already a very performant gadget, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7 promises to be even better with high-end specs that would attract the fans of the previous series into upgrading to the new release.

Microsoft is typically launching new Surface Pro device in the autumn of every year, so we should expect the new Surface Pro 7 to come out during fall 2019. Given the fact that it would come with improved design and higher tech specs, we barely wait for the new gadget to come out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Leaks Reveal High-Performance Tech Specs

While there might not be any significant design updates, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 7 could come with a smaller footprint, along with a thinner Kickstand and type cover. Accordingly, the overall weight of the Surface Pro 7 would be lower in comparison with that of the current Surface Pro 6 edition.

Besides, since Surface Pro 6 featured the 8th generation Intel core processor, the next Microsoft Surface Pro 7 devices might sport the next-generation of Intel CPUs. Also under the hood, the upcoming Surface Pro model would boast either 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM, meaning that the memory section would not show significant changes this year.

In addition to all that, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 could come with USB-C connectivity, at least to a recently leaked patent. On the other hand, the recent patent did not reveal any information on the capacity of the battery. In the end, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 could sport some high-performance tech specs in comparison with the current Surface Pro 6. We should patiently wait and see what Surface Pro 7 will have to offer.

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