Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Has Just Appeared in a New Video

Xiaomi has just published a new video that shows its foldable phone in action. The company has already shared a demo with its upcoming foldable device earlier this year.

The recent video is short, but it helps us get an idea about what to expect from Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone. A back gesture is also illustrated in the clip, which will prove to be very handy when the device will be in the tablet mode. You can also see how fast the folding screen can go from the tablet to the phone mode.

Xiaomi’s foldable phone shows up in a recent video

The new video showing the foldable device was shared by the company on Weibo. In the video you can easily see how the foldable device is changing from a tablet to a phone mode. The transition seems to be pretty fluid.

When the device is in the smartphone mode, it looks quite wide – even more than some elongated phones. It also appears to be a little bit thicker.

Another thing that can be easily noticed in the video is that the user is swiping to go back, which means that MIUI gestures will be available on the Xiaomi’s foldable phone.

What else we know about Xiaomi’s foldable device

From what we can see in the new video, the upcoming foldable phone will not support a portrait home screen while in the tablet mode. Nevertheless, it’s still early to know how the device will be like exactly, so we’ll need to wait and see if anything changes about the portrait home screen.

Thanks to the newly released video, we can get an idea about how the folded Xiaomi device will look like.

As far as the price is concerned, Xiaomi hasn’t shared any details yet. No information about the release date was revealed either. It is expected that the company will charge less for its foldable phone than its competition.

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