9GAG 6.45 Update Comes with User Interface Tweaks, Reply Changes and Much More

Everyone who loves checking out memes and funny videos knows that 9GAG is the place where the best ones can be found. 9GAG started as a website where people posted funny pictures and the website evolved over the course of time into something different. 9GAG is now available as an app for Android and iOS and it has been downloaded by millions of people from all over the globe.

What makes 9GAG special is the fact that this app features user-generated content. This means that the memes and funny videos which are featured on 9GAG are always original and new. Not just that, but the developers who are in charge of 9GAG are constantly releasing new updates for both the Android and iOS versions of the app in order to improve their user experiences.

9GAG 6.45 Update

9GAG fans should be happy to know that their favorite app has just received a new update. The update is available in the form of APK and it sports the 6.45 version number. The update was released today (March 29tH) and it introduces a couple of handy features alongside a plethora of bug fixes that enhance the app’s overall performances.

Since this is an APK update that we are talking about, the only 9GAG users who can install it are the ones who use an Android powered smartphone. Not only that, but the “Unknown Sources” option needs to be enabled on the Android powered smartphone in order to make it eligible to install APK updates. Nonetheless, let’s check out the patch notes for the new update.

What’s New?

  • Comment UI updates, includes OP’s indicator, upvote/ downvote animation, and more.
  • You can now view replies in a new page.
  • Swipe to dismiss comment page is no longer sensitive.
  • You can now dismiss comment page quickly by swiping from the left edge.
  • Lots of new bug fixes.

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