Fortnite Mobile Voice Chat Feature is Now Back on Android

One of the most fun things that players can do in Fortnite is to talk with their teammates over voice chat and coordinate their attacks. The voice chat can also be used in order to mess with enemies by calling them out when you see them while they have no idea where you might be. Unfortunately, Epic Games decided to remove the voice chat on Android and iOS due a bug.

Voice Chat is Back On Android

Fortnite Mobile players were really upset that the voice chat feature was removed and luckily, it seems like Epic Games has listened to the feedback it received. The reason why we are saying this is because Epic Games has announced that the voice chat feature is now back on the Android version of Fortnite Mobile.

Voice Chat Bugs

As previously mentioned, Epic Games decided to disable voice chat last week because of a bug. The bug in cause degraded the overall game performance for mobile players with issues such as lowered frame rates and lowered graphics quality. The worst thing about this is that the bug affected everyone, even the players who didn’t use voice chats.

If we take a look at Fortnite Mobile’s community forum, we are going to see that mobile players started complaining about the voice chat issues right when Season 8 started. This means that the voice chat bug was introduced alongside the 8.10 patch.

No News for iOS

Even though Fortnite Mobile fans who play the game on Android have been given access to voice once again, there aren’t any news for iOS. Epic Games didn’t want release any statements about when voice chat might comeback to iOS, but we believe that it won’t take too long. The game developer is surely working to fix the bug right now, especially since the voice chat is such an essential feature.

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