Amazon Kindle 2019 Remains The Best And Most Affordable E-Reader

Amazon has launched a new Kindle for pre-orders, and it features a front light, the illumination tech being included for the first time in the entry-level e-reader of the firm. The new Amazon Kindle 2019 is the replacement of the popular e-reader with the same name. Its price increased from the previous Kindle version that was $49.99. However, it remains the best and most affordable e-reader for its quality.

Amazon Kindle 2019 is the best and most affordable e-reader for its range

The brightness of the light on-screen can be customized based on your preferences, so you will be able to find the best level of light that matches your surroundings. The new Amazon Kindle 2019 comes with other features such as a speaker for audiobook playback, Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with headphones, 167ppi E-Ink display that measures 6 inches, and an updated design.

Compared to the display on the Kindle Paperwhite that has 300ppi, the screen of the new version is not as sharp. However, taking into consideration that you would need to pay for the Paperwhite almost twice as much as for the new Amazon Kindle 2019, is not surprising.

Amazon Kindle 2019 would become available as of April 10th

Another promise from Amazon includes an excellent battery life for Kindle making it last a few weeks on a single charge. If you are a bookworm, then you will appreciate it. Compared to the other Kindle devices for which you would need to pay more, this new Amazon Kindle 2019 version is not waterproof, so if you are going to the pool or the beach on holidays, you will need to be extra careful with it.

The pre-orders for the new Amazon Kindle 2019 have already started, and if you opt for it, you will receive it beginning with April 10th in either white or black. You choose whether you want to preorder it or wait for later.

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