Google Stadia: The Future of Game Streaming to Be Launched This Year

Today at GDC 2019, Google announced Stadia, the new gaming platform which is powered by the cloud infrastructure. Stadia doesn’t come as a device like PS4 or Xbox One – it’s a service that you can access through the Chrome browser from many different devices: a laptop, a PC, a smartphone, even a TV – if you have a Chromecast.

Stadia will come with a controller which has a button that will activate Google Assistant. However, Stadia also works with other controllers that come with a USB.

Here are the latest details about Stadia.

Stadia Exclusive Games – Google’s New Studio: Stadia Games and Entertainment

Jade Raymond (– yes, the Canadian video game producer and executive who was with the EA and Ubisoft) presented the new studio, called Stadia Games and Entertainment. This first party games studio will create exclusive games for Stadia.

We are waiting to learn more about the titles the studio is currently developing. The team behind the studio will work not only with the big developers but also with indie developers, “to take gaming to the next level, together.” Hopefully, Google will soon give us more details about it.

Doom Eternal Coming to Stadia

The “vision for the future of gaming” will begin by bringing Doom Eternal to Stadia. Players will be able to run Stadia at 4K resolution at 60 fps and with HDR color!

But Stadia will support more than 4K games – in the future; it will be able to support up to 8K resolution and 120 fps.

Stadia Launches in 2019

The amazing cloud gaming service will launch later this year, and it will surely be facing some competition, considering other companies like Microsoft, Sony – and even Amazon? – are heading towards cloud gaming service. Stadia will be released at the beginning to US, Canada, Europe (UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland). Phil Harrison concluded the keynote adding that more about Stadia will be announced this summer.

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