Google’s Inbox App Shuts Down on 2 April – Switch to Gmail App

Google has started to shut down some products that haven’t been popular enough. You’ve heard about Google+ being shut down on 2 April, but it seems that it’s not the only one getting axed at the beginning of the next month.

Previously, Google announced that it would shut down the Inbox App at the end of March. On 18 March, the company updated the schedule, adding a shutdown date for the Inbox App.

Inbox App Shuts Down on 2 April

Google announced that the Inbox App which was launched back in 2014 is going to be shut down on April 2nd. The app is no longer needed because Gmail got a lot of upgrades, and the Product manager Matthew Izatt said that Google wants a “more focused approach” to email.

If you are an Inbox user, do not worry because the popular features can be found in Gmail. You can get the Gmail mobile app from Google Play Store or as an APK file (the latest version was uploaded on APKMirror on 15 March – 2019.03.03.238017425.release).

Users that still have the Inbox App are now receiving a notice on their devices saying that starting with March 18, the app will go away in 15 days. The notification also includes the link to the Gmail app, where users can find useful features from Inbox – such as Smart Reply, Smart Compose, and Follow-ups. However, many other features are missing, but Google promises to bring more of the goodies from Inbox App to Gmail.

What Else is Google Shutting Down?

As we said before, Google’s spring cleaning extends over more products:

  • Allo – already shut down on 12 March
  • (URL shortener) – shuts down on 30 March

And the products we’ve previously mentioned:

  • Inbox App – shuts down on 2 April
  • Google+ – shuts down on 2 April

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