Google Play Store – The New 14.0.28 Update is Now Available

If you enjoy using the Google Play Store in order to download cool apps and fun games, then you should be happy to know that the service has just been updated. Google is always releasing APK updates for its most important Android features and today, the Google Play Store has received a new update which focuses on improving the overall performances that the app library offers. Without any further ado, today we are going to take a closer look at what kind of “goodies” the new update for the Google Play Store introduces.

New 14.0.28 Update

Before we get things started, we need to mention that the Google Play Store is one of the most important features that Google’s Android operating system has to offer. Therefore, Google is releasing new updates for the Google Play Store every couple of days and the latest one sports the 14.0.28 build number.


As previously mentioned, the new update for the Google Play Store changes the feature’s build number to 14.0.28. However, this is not the only thing that the update does. The new update also introduces a handful of bug fixes which improve the overall performances of the Google Play Store by making it more stable.

In case there are some readers who are unfamiliar with APK updates, then they shouldn’t worry about this because we are going to explain how they work. The trick to installing this type of updates is that Android fans are required to manually download and install them. These updates can be found on multiple APK provider websites and they can only be installed on Android powered devices that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled. This option is available in the Settings panel, under the Privacy option of all Android powered devices.

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