Top 3 Fortnite Mobile Tips and Tricks from Pro Players

Epic Games launched Fortnite on iOS and Android last year and this is the best decision that the game developer could have made, profits-wise. The mobile version of Fortnite is being played by millions of people every single day and the game’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since it arrived on mobile. Talking about smartphone gaming, we believe that all of you are going to agree with the fact that mobile gaming is a little bit more difficult than on PC. Players can’t rely on the mouse when it comes to aiming and they have to use the touchscreen instead. With that said, we have prepared a couple of useful tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile that will help all players get better.

#1 Long-Distance Fights

As previously mentioned, aiming in Fortnite Mobile is a lot more difficult than on PC. The touchscreen controls are well optimized, but this is not the problem. The problem is the recoil of some weapons and this makes long-distance fights quite risky. This is why we advise all Fortnite Mobile players to do their best and avoid long-distance fights. Aiming with a shotgun at closer range is always easier.

#2 Explosives

One of the most fun things about Fortnite Mobile is the large number of explosives that players can use. While these explosives might not be that important in the PC or console versions of the game, explosives are infamous for doing lots of damage on mobile. Not only that, but running away from explosives and seeing them come is much more difficult on mobile. Therefore, carrying a couple of grenades everywhere you go in Fortnite Mobile is always a wise decision.

#3 Don’t Be Afraid of Gunfights

When it comes to getting better at Fortnite Mobile, then there is no other way around than to be aggressive. Players should get in as many gunfights as possible because this is the only way that they can improve their skill and get comfortable under pressure.

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