Tips & Tricks About Maximizing the RAM on Your Android Phone

Most of us experienced at some point problems with not having enough RAM on our Android phones. If your device doesn’t have as much of this memory as it needs, it may become quite slow and it could create various problems for you. The good news is that there are some things that you can do so that your phone will not struggle too much. We’ve gathered some tips about how to maximize the RAM on your phones, so let’s take a look below.

Why you have a slow smartphone

Most of the newest smartphones are equipped with more than enough memory, so you will not encounter too many problems with the RAM. However, if you own an older device and it is very slow, you might want to know how to conserve the RAM.

One of the problems with RAM on smartphones is that some apps don’t always function properly, which leads to the memory not being emptied the way it should be. What this means is that sometimes there are applications or system processes that run even when they are not supposed to. There are also some apps that are not able to clean up after themselves once they are closed. All these issues are the reason why your phone can become very slow and why your device might experience crashes.

How to maximize your RAM

We’ll share with you some tips about how to preserve your RAM. First of all, you need to know that non-rooted devices cannot get more RAM, but if you own such a phone, you can try to reduce the apps that are running on it. Here’s a couple of things that you can do:

  • Sometimes you may need to manually close an app, if swiping away the application doesn’t help. You can do this by going to Settings -> Apps, where you can then tap on the app you wish to close. Then you will be able to Force Stop the app in order to free up some RAM for a while.
  • Live wallpapers and widgets can use quite a lot of RAM and some of them are always active. They can drain your phone’s battery pretty fast, so try to limit their usage as much as you can.
  • Make sure that you disable animations on your smartphone, as they are usually stealing a lot of RAM and are not really useful. You can do this by first enabling the Developer Options on your device, which can be done by going to Settings -> About Phone. Then you will have to tap on the build number around seven times until you get a notification that you’ve become a developer. Afterwards you just have to go to Settings again and then scroll down to Developer Options. Now you have to access the Drawing section and turn off these options: Animator duration scale, Transition animation scale and Window animation scale.

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