Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know About Season 8

We have some exciting news for you: Fortnite’s Season 8 has finally arrived, which means that we will see some pretty big changes in the game, as well as a new Battle Pass. So let’s take a look together to see what is new.

The Battle Pass of Season 8

Each season of Fortnite comes with its own Battle Pass. Based on the announcement made by Epic Games, players now have the opportunity to unlock more than 100 new exclusive rewards, such as new skins and vehicle Wraps. All of this is available for the price of 950 V-bucks.

Get ready for piratey adventures

The new season is all about piratey adventures, so you will get to see volcanoes and cannons throughout the game. You can expect from Season 8 several piratey things, new gliders and skins. The Fortnite island will also become more piratey.

There’s a new pirate cannon available in the game as well, which players can use as a weapon to fire cannonballs. These weapons can be found in fixed places on the map and they act as permanent turrets. A blast radius with the cannonball will give you 50 damage, while a direct hit will get you 100 damage.

Due to the volcanic eruptions, new exploration areas have arisen, such as the Lazy Lagoon and the Sunny Steps. Be careful though, as you have to try to stay clear of the lava, which deals one damage per touch and can cause you to bounce off the surface.

When it comes to volcanic vents, they can be used if you want to give yourself some altitude in the air.

Here are the things that are gone from the game

Since pirate adventures don’t really involve winter, all the previous winter-themed items have been removed, and so have been the planes and the shopping carts.

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