Motorola Foldable Phone To Come Out Soon

Foldable phones appear to be the significant next trend for the smartphone market. Samsung’s announcement of Galaxy Fold represented only the beginning, as multiple other companies also confirmed that they are working on a folding smartphones. The latest name added to the list is Motorola, and the company, owned by Lenovo, might also launch a foldable phone soon.

Last year, we spotted a leaked patent for the device, and the company finally confirmed the fact that rumors are real. Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery offered more details about this upcoming folding smartphone in a recent interview.

A Motorola foldable phone might come out soon

As it turns out, the company started working on this kind of device “a long time ago.” However, it appears that the product is almost finished, and Dery did include a couple of hints which gave us reasons to believe that the phone will be coming out this year. In fact, we might have the Motorola foldable device by summer.

The leaked patent revealed an exciting design. The handset came with a large display that can be bent in half. If we compare it to the model of other folding smartphones, we can see that the upcoming Motorola foldable phone is quite unusual. However, Dery explained that the device was too fragile.

“We have been testing a plastic OLED device with plastic film on top,” explained Dery. “The fact that you’re touching [that kind of display] with your nails is scratching it. It has a short life right away; it starts dying the day you unpack it. But it’s beautiful. That first day, it’s beautiful.”

It is worth noting that the company worked on several models over the years, and some of these have been wholly abandoned. However, there is a big chance that the foldable device is here to stay, especially if we consider the preferences of the market.

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