Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2019

Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging sites starting in May 2011 with a few accounts and ending up with 456 million in January 2019. But Tumblr lost a significant part of its audience when decided to forbid sexually-explicit microblogs from its platform. Now, whether you miss adult content of Tumblr or not, here are the best Tumblr alternatives in 2019.

David Karp founded Tumblr in 2007, and his microblogging and social networking website managed to rise and shine. However, no matter how great users consider it, there are some that get bored easily and want to try something else. That is why we provided you with a list of the best alternatives for Tumblr.

Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2019


The ex-CEO and chairman of Twitter launched this independent blogging platform. It has begun being more and more popular within four years, and in 2017 the Medium’s Partner Program was also introduced so blogs would be monetized. It’s available on Android, iOS, and web.

  • Pros
    • The interface is minimalist, and the platform is organized.
    • The Partner Program.
    • Start-up brands are being offered some exposure.
  • Cons
    • There is no SEO.
    • The subscribers’ number is limited.


This is quite a new social microblogging platform, and it has become more popular after Tumblr banned all NSFW content because people found refugee in Youllo. Youllo has become the user-preferred adult microblogging network beginning with December last year.

Why is it one of the best Tumblr alternatives in 2019? You are allowed to import your Tumblr blog to Youllo.

  • Pros
    • You need five clicks to import your Tumblr posts.
    • You can use it forever for free.
    • 100% anonymous.
    • The community is growing as every day new users come.
    • Adult friendly
  • Cons
    • No persons under 18 years old are allowed, so this microblogging platform is strictly limited to adult-related content


This platform is not really for microblogging, and not truly one of the best Tumblr alternatives in 2019. It’s more like the next step you should take, from microblogging to blogging. WordPress is available for Android, iOS, and computers, and it is the most popular CMS on the Internet. It sports dozens of exciting features, and it permits users to customize their blogs from scratch. Do not confuse open-source WordPress with, but the latter is also excellent as it offers you the chance to start a blog 100 percent free.

  • Pros
    • CMS is included.
    • It is reliable and stable.
    • Each member gets support as the community is growing.
    • It provided technical support.
  • Cons
    • No noteworthy ones

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  1. never heard of Youllo before reading your post, Medium is a great microblogging platform and if used right it can help us as bloggers to get more traffic from search engines.

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