Samsung Galaxy S10: Take A Look at These Amazing Wallpapers

Since Samsung Galaxy S10’s hole-punch camera doesn’t really please fans’ eyes, Samsung has tried to create certain wallpapers that are meant to hide the cutout. These wallpapers fade to black right where the top right corner of the smartphone is, which is a nice trick that is supposed to make you forget that there’s even a camera there.

This trend of trying to hide or obscure a certain part of a phone’s display has been started by the iPhone X. Many companies have been using dark wallpapers in order to try to make screen notches less visible.

However, if you can find a way to create the right background for Galaxy S10, that’s also not a bad idea at all. @Mattcabb (Matt B) has recently posted on his Twitter page several wallpaper mockups, which are pretty nice and definitely very creative. So let’s take a look at them.

Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers that can turn the punch-hole cutout into something fun

Matt B has managed to use the double camera sensor on the Galaxy S10 for creating the faces of various characters, such as the NASA Mars rover, Bender from Futurama and Johnny 5 from Short Circuit – a movie from 1986. You can take a look at these wallpapers below.

Of course, Matt didn’t actually share wallpaper images for now, as probably almost no one has a Samsung Galaxy S10 yet. However, we’ll probably going to see them not too far in the future.

We’ve actually figured out that Samsung was trying to hide the hole-punch camera on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ from the first press renders that appeared online. But maybe the cutout will not look that bad as long as it has the right background. So allowing it to be visible could actually be a good idea, as long as you get creative – just as it was proven with these recent wallpapers.

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