Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Would Like to See a Foldable iPhone Soon

If we take a look at the latest tech news, headlines about foldable phones are no longer a surprise. Several companies are in the process of getting their foldable devices ready for release, while others are still not quite there yet. We’re talking now about Apple, who hasn’t announced any plans about the development of a foldable iPhone, although we know that the intent might exist.

Apple might have thought about developing a foldable device

Everyone probably knows by now that the tech giant has taken into consideration the possibility of creating such phone. We’ve had some news at some point about Apple obtaining a patent for “Flexible Display Devices”. However, we don’t really know yet whether the company is really planning on ever releasing a foldable phone or not. But we do know now that at least Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak would definitely want for such a device to see the light of the day.

Steve Wozniak would like to see a foldable iPhone

According to a recent post from Bloomberg, the co-founder of Apple would really like to see a flexible iPhone being released in the future. More than that, he mentioned in fact that he would like to see the company become a leader in this new area.

“They’re not the leader in areas like the folding phone, and that worries me because I really want a folding phone”, Steve Wozniak said about the tech giant in his recent interview.

Another thing that he added was that Apple “always has surprises” and is constantly working on developing new things. So who knows, maybe after all there is hope for seeing a foldable iPhone being announced sometime in the future. We’re definitely curious to see what Apple’s next steps will be when it comes to a flexible device.

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