Xbox Games On PC? Microsoft Teases An Important Announcement For PC Gamers

The leader of Microsoft’s Xbox and gaming divisions, Phill Spencer, has noted in the past the company can do much more for PC gamers. The Microsoft Store is lackluster, and many avoid it altogether while the Xbox app is often ignored in favor of Discord. It seems that Microsoft plans to rectify the situations in the future. Could it be something related to running Xbox games on PC, something that fans have asked for a very long time?

In a recent interview, Spencer has declared that Microsoft will revamp its store to make it better. The prime ambition is to offer a redesigned store experience which seeks to enhance its overall usability. Many of Microsoft’s recent PC titles are exclusive to the store, and it looks like they will remain so. Many gamers believe that Microsoft should drop the attempt at exclusivity, since they don’t push the same titles as EA, Ubisoft, or other AAA developers who can justify the added revenue obtained by a proprietary store. Most of their games are also available on platforms like Steam and GoG.

The Redmond company has been looking at the PC gaming market for quite a while, and it seems that it is now prepared to do more to gain the attention of PC gamers. Some users have observed changes at a tech level, with the news leading to intense debates on several tech forums.

Microsoft might finally allow PC gamers to play Xbox games on PC – Big Announcement To Come

A significant change arrived with built 18334 when Microsoft offered the chance to try State of Decay for free. When players attempted to download the game, they made the first exciting discovery.

Instead of being downloaded from the Microsoft Store server, which usually handles PlayAnywhere titles, the assets were being downloaded from the Xbox Live server. It appears that Microsoft has decided to port the entire Xbox One download/installation mechanic to Windows. The argument is reinforced by the fact that the installer uses the .xvc file format, introduced back in 2013 for Xbox One.

Hopeful PC gamers believe that they will be soon able to download and play Xbox games on their machine, but that seems to be a far-fetched scenario for now.

Microsoft plans a big announcement for E3 2019. It could finally be related to something the fans have been demanding for years – playing Xbox games on PC.

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