iOS 13 Concept Suggests A Series Of Interesting Features

An independent designer has created an exciting, new iOS 13 concept that highlights the changes which could be implemented in the next version of Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPad.

New iOS 13 concept hints to new volume control, Control Center, and wireless mouse use

One of the most common complaints among iOS users stems from the position of the volume UI which continues to appear in the middle of the screen. The solution to this problem would be simple – move the volume UI next to the volume buttons, minimizing its design.

The iOS 13 concept also envisions an altered Control Center, fused within the iOS multitask screen. iPhone users can access the feature with a gentle swipe up.

Maybe the most exciting idea of the concept is the possibility of using a wireless mouse in iOS 13 to navigate on iPad devices. The use of a W3 chip would allow the iPad to support a mouse, a feature which has been requested quite often by the iOS community.

iOS 13 might come with a smarter Siri, snooze notifications, and improved emoji search

Siri got some much-needed attention in iOS 12, with the highlight being the addition of Siri shortcuts. Apple is keen on making the assistant even better as the company has recently expanded the Siri team and hired a high-ranking former Google employee who handled the AI division. The new iOS 13 concept suggests that iOS 13 has to come with a smarter Siri assistant.

At this point, users can snooze notification for a maximum period of 24 hours, but some hope that they will have the option to select specific snooze times at some point in iOS 13. Besides, now, users can search for emojis already, but the filter requires a particular word to show what, in most cases, seems to be a general emoji which can convey several things. Improved emoji search system might come along with iOS 13.

iOS 13 concept suggests enhanced iPad functionalities and support for additional user accounts

This feature could be limited to iPads, but it would be a great addition since more than one person uses a tablet, especially in work groups. The change would be significant for retails stores since they could switch accounts on the fly, without the need to continuously charge individual devices through the day.

Support for Xcode and Final Cut Pro would allow many Mac users to replace their device with an iPad. Using the iPad as a secondary screen for a Mac would also be an interesting and useful capability, suggest the new iOS 13 concept.

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