Opera Mini Beta: New APK Update Is Now Available to Download

Opera Mini is a great browser that you can use on your Android devices. As long as the version of your Android is at least 2.3, you shouldn’t encounter any problems when downloading this browser on your phone or tablet.

A new version of Opera Mini beta is now available for downloading. The newest update brings the version number of this beta app to 39.1.2254.136420.

What you need to know about Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a free browser and comes with a beautiful design. You will also notice that it is very fast, offering great browsing speeds. In case you decide to use one of the fastest browsers for Android, all you need to do is to access the Google Play Store and search for Opera Mini. Here you will be able install the stable, public version of Opera Mini. However, if you want to install the latest APK update, you will need to manually download it from the internet, as it is not available through the Play Store. This way you can easily enjoy the most recent Opera Mini beta.

What’s new in the latest APK update

As we’ve mentioned before, Opera Mini beta is free to install and to use. This beta app will allow you to quickly browse the internet and enjoy your online activities. The latest features will help you save data while browsing the web, which means that you will get your favorite online content much faster than before.

The Opera Mini beta browser has been updated so that it will be more intuitive to use and it has less clutter.

The latest update also brings several stability and performance fixes, as well as some UI tweaks and new video content for the news section. Keep in mind, however, that this is a beta app.

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