Elder Scrolls 6: Will It Be As Good As the Previous Title?

It’s been quite a long time since Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was released, back in 2011, so the fans keep growing impatient about the launch of the next title of the Elder Scrolls series. The good thing is that the Elder Scrolls 6 has been already confirmed by Bethesda in 2018, during the E3 event. However, this didn’t stop the fans of the game from becoming even more curious about how Elder Scrolls 6 will be like.

When should we expect the Elder Scrolls 6 to be released?

The name of the upcoming title could be Elder Scrolls 6 Redfall, but that is not certain yet. At the present time, there are some copyright problems regarding this name, but the company will definitely find a way to resolve the issue.

So what about the release date for the next title? What do we currently know about it? As far as the launch date is concerned, unfortunately we don’t expect the title to be released too soon in the future. Not much is really known about this at the moment.

Will Elder Scrolls 6 be as good as Skyrim?

One of the main questions that probably most fans of the series have is if the next title will manage to be as good as Skyrim or even better than that. We all know that the previous title was simply amazing – a true masterpiece. There were just so many great things about it: incredible variety of locations and landscapes, the right amount of side missions, encounters and characters, as well as exceptional gameplay mechanics.

Not to mention the fact that the progression of the story was set at the right pace and so was the character development. So will the next title be as good as the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim? We definitely hope so. We obviously hope that the next game will be even better, so we cannot wait to have more information about the Elder Scrolls 6, hopefully in the not-so-distant future.

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