Chrome vs. UC Browser – Which One Would be Better for You?

Chrome and UC Browser are part of the list of the most popular browsers that people use worldwide. According to the Google Play store, there are more than 1 billion active users that access Chrome and 500 million users that access UC. The open-source Chromium browser is the base for both these browsers. However, which one is the most reliable, fastest and safest?

Supported platforms

UC Browser supports the following operating systems:

IOS, Android, Tizen, and Samsung Bada are the operating systems that UC Browser supports along with Windows, Symbian, and BREW while Android, Linux, and Windows are compatible with Google Chrome.


Even though the same project is at the base of the two browsers, UCB has been in the news for some wrong reasons. A few years ago in 2015, it went viral as news thought that it was leaking sensitive user data.

UCB has also been vanned last month by Google from the Play store because it was using unhealthy tactics to install some other apps of Alibaba. Until now, Chrome did not have any significant security problems.

Ingocnito or private browsing is supported by both browsers, but when the users select the option UC browser will not open a new tab, in comparison to Chrome which does.

Data Saver

Both browsers come with a data saver function, and when users turn on the data saver mode, the server of Alibaba or the one of Google will compress the pages before sending it to the user’s browsers.

Browsing speed

Depending on the Internet connection you will be able to browse with a certain speed, but when it comes to mobile data connection, UC can make the pages load faster thanks to its Speed and Cloud Booster modes.

Chrome, on the other hand, works well on mobile data too, and it also allows you to disable media files, JavaScript and more so it works even faster.

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