Android Go Apps Briefly Explained

An Android Go app is basically a lightweight version of an app which was developed in order to run more smoothly on lower hardware. If your phone is running Android Go these apps come bundled by default, but, if not, you can install them yourself.

The only thing that the Android Go apps offer is not the Android apps’ lightweight versions. They needed to find a way to make them more streamlines which means that design elements or feature are often stripped out. With that being said, you will have a snappier performing version of the app which does not feature everything it would typically include, but the essential functions stay.

Even though the Android Go apps would only offer you the essential features, it does not mean that you are less fortunate than the others. These apps also provide additional benefits that the original ones do not include. For example, taking into consideration that these apps are developed for phones in emerging markets, they come with amazing data saving features.

For example, in YouTube Go’s case, you will be allowed to download videos that you can see offline, and when it comes to Files Go, you can share files even though you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

When it comes to Go apps, there is a long list of available apps that you can choose from. You can find them on the Play Store just like the usual ones.

Developers are also provided some additional guidelines based on the low memory usage and other such issues that owners of phones from that market should keep an eye on.

What is great is that even though you will only have the essential features on a Go Apps, you will have the advantage of saving the life of your battery.

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