Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Will the Price Start from $999?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup has come up with the best tablets and laptops we’ve ever seen. However, when Surface Pro 6 launched and it came with some substantial changes, we started to think about what other changes could it come with for the entire Surface series. Surface Pro 7 could be the start of how we’re going to use Microsoft’s tablets differently.

Ice Lake processors from Intel should get launched this year, and we think that Surface Pro 7 will still end up being the most powerful tablet yet. But nothing has been confirmed so far, so we need to keep in mind that they’re all gossips.

So when’s the release date?

Due to the fact that Surface Pro 6 just came out, we probably won’t see the next one this year.

Both Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 4 were launched in October 2015 and 2018, respectively. Surface Pro 2017 came out in June. So it’s possible that Surface Pro 7 will be launched in October 2019 or summer 2020. Or, we could see it in October, if Microsoft wants to keep the tradition with the annualized release, but we cannot but wait to see it.

So what’s the price?

Surface Pro 6 was launched with the price of $899 for the base model, but for Surface Pro 2017 was $799, so that’s quite an increase. So, for Surface Pro 7 there are two options: it will either increase with $100, or it will keep the same price. We don’t think they will drop it anytime soon. If the price increases at $100, it will start from $999, and we might put it next in line with iPad Pro.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing official, and we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to tell us the official price.

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