Xiaomi: Mi, JioPhone and Vivo V15: Everything We Know About Their Launch

Xiaomi is ready to bring its Redmi Note 7 to the market, and it’s probably going to be sold via Flipkart and Mi.com. The smartphone will officially be released on the 28th of February, and the sales will start in the first week of March. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be released at the Unpack event. Mi is also set to debut today.

It will be available via Flipkart

The phone is set to be released in a week from now, and it will be sold exclusively via Flipkart and other channels in India. According to a Flipkart teaser, the phone will meet the light of the day in India on the 28th of February. The teaser also revealed that a variant of the upcoming phone would have the same back, with the rear camera and that will also come with a Snapdragon 660 processor.

JioPhone will have the best 4G Smart Feature

We all know that your JioPhone has really outperformed many smartphones in India in the past years. The 4G feature phone has shown to be the best in the KaiOS 4G smart feature phone all around the world according to some sources. Since its release, five crore units of this phone were sold, and 370 more million units are supposed to be sold in the next few years.

Vivo V15 Pro India Launch

Also, Vivo V15 Pro is going to be launched today in India, and the V11 Pro next-in-line will come with the latest technologies. It will have a 32 megapixels selfie camera, triple rear cameras and they will come with the artificial intelligence,  including an IMX 586 sensor and an in display fingerprint sensor

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