Microsoft Surface Pro 7 New Sources Talk About An Improved Cover

The Type Cover became an important accessory for Surface owners since it was introduced with the first generation of the Surface Pro devices.

The first version became an instant hit among fans. The second generation introduced backlit keys while the third generation added a magnet that made it more convenient.

Those that wanted to increase the security of their device opted for the Surface Pro 4 Type cover which featured a fingerprint scanner. The Signature version changed the game again by offering the revolutionary Alcantara fabric.

According to a reliable source a new patent filled by Microsoft promises an improved Type Cover that should become available after the release of the Surface Pro 7. Microsoft seems to envision a thinner Type Cover, with the patent mentioning a revolutionary track pad that could be integrated in the circuit board in order to reduce the space requirements.

There is no conclusive proof at this point but a slimmer Type Cover would certainly compliment the next Surface Pro. The Surface Pro 6 packed 8th generation processors from Intel but the other features were a bit lackluster.

It is likely that Microsoft will use bleeding edge technology for the next two-in-one device. Intel has updated its offer with a powerful selection of I9 chips that offer improved performance and reduced energy consumption. The latest iteration of NVIDIA’s discrete graphic cards could also be included in order to increase the potential of the device.

Additional RAM would certainly attract users that need to use demanding software, attracting new clients that work in the graphic design and video/photo editing industry. A larger storage capacity would be great too, since many users prefer to store some files directly on their device in order to have them at hand if needed.

Boosting the autonomy of the device should be a priority too, since a better battery is always welcome.  A release date for the device and its accessories should become available in the following months.

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