iPhone 11 Will Have A “Frosted Glass” Design

Based on some recent rumors that were shared by reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to use a “frosted glass” design for its upcoming flagship smartphone. This would be a completely new design for an iPhone.

This type of design has been used before by Google

This wouldn’t be the first time when we hear about a “frosted glass” design, however, since Google has already used this concept for its flagship smartphone line. So those who own a Google Pixel 3 will have an idea about how this design looks like.

It would be nice to see a change in the iPhone’s design

If the new rumors prove to be right, then it would mean that the new iPhones will be visually completely different from the older models. Since we expect all three screen sizes of the next iPhone to be the same as before, it’s great news to know that we might still get a new change in the design of Apple’s anticipated flagship phone. So if the iPhone 11 rumor that was shared by Kuo is accurate, the tech giant will introduce a new type of design to its smartphones.

Over the years, we’ve seen Apple using combinations of plastic, luminium and glass. Also, the iPhone X and iPhone 11 were the first the introduce a glossy glass back, which was later used on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS as well.

Is it a good idea for a phone to have a glass back?

It goes without saying that glass backs are not as durable as metal. Nevertheless, such material would definitely make the upcoming iPhones have a premium feel. Additionally, let’s not forget that glass can support wireless charging that you can count on, while it can also improve the radio performance. So we don’t see any reasons why future iPhones would ever go back to plastic or metal backs.

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