Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK with Important Bug Fixes is Now Available

One of the most important things about using an Android powered smartphone is the fact that users can access APK updates. APK is an acronym for “Android Package Kit” and Google releases all its most important updates in this format. The catch is that APK updates can only be installed on Android powered smartphones and that users need to do it manually. With that said, today we are going to present the latest update for the Google Play Store and give everyone a short guide on how to manually install it on their smartphones.

Google Play Store 13.6.20 APK

The latest update for the Google Play Store sports the 13.6.20 version number and it was released on February 14th. Even though the update is more than one week old, Google has yet to release it OTA (over the air) and the only Android users who can access it are those who chose to manually install it.

The first thing that Android users need to do whenever they want to install a new APK update is to head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option. After doing this, all that is left is to access Google’s official APK website and then download the latest version of the Google Play Store which in our case is 13.6.20. Now simply tap on the downloaded APK file and wait for the installation process to be complete.

What’s New?

As we all know, the Google Play Store is one of the most important features that the Android operating system has to offer. Therefore, the Android parent has made sure to equip the new APK update for the Google Play Store with a handful of bug fixes that make sure the feature doesn’t malfunction. This is why the new APK update is a high priority download.

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