PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Two – Sony Finally Has Something to Fear

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are in a never-ending battle. The two consoles are competing every single day and truth be told, PlayStation 4 is the one that is coming out on the winning side. From the looks of it, Microsoft knows this too well and it decided to invest heavily in game developers that are going to help the next-generation Xbox One have an edge over PlayStation 5.

Microsoft Acquires Multiple Game Developers

The primary reason why so many people are picking PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One is because of the amazing exclusive titles such as God of War that they get access to. It’s been years since Microsoft put out a great exclusive game, but this is about to change in the upcoming future.

Microsoft acquired multiple game developers last year with big names such as Ninja Theory, inXile, Obsidian, Playground Game, Compulsion and Undead Labs. All these game developers have created successful games in the past and they are now going to work for Microsoft. This begs the questions, why hasn’t Microsoft released any new titles for Xbox One now that it owns multiple game developing studios?

Next-Gen Xbox One Exclusive Titles

The reason why we haven’t heard anything from all the game developers acquired by Microsoft is that they are already working on games for the next-generation of Xbox One. This leads us to believe that Microsoft has given up on the idea of competing against PlayStation 4 and its already looking towards the future.

Microsoft is betting everything on its next-generation Xbox One and the fact that it acquired some of the biggest game developers in the world shows us that Sony needs to keep heavily investing in exclusive titles if it wants to keep having the upper hand over Microsoft. Nonetheless, consoles gamers should be happy about this because it means that they will receive lots of exciting games when the next-generation consoles launch.

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