Quick Guide to Fixing Google Play Services Battery Drain

It is well-known that the Google Play Services has caused battery drain in the past and the problem seems to be backs. A lot of users complain that the issue is present among several Android versions, ranging from KitKat to Oreo.

This guide will teach users how to identify battery drain problems and fix them in a few minutes. Read below to find out more.

Preventive measures

Those that wish to extend the battery life of their device and minimize its degradation are advised to practice the following tips:

Use the charger provided by the manufacturer and buy original charging equipment when the old one is no longer usable.

Keep the battery level of the device between 32 and 80%.

Disable unnecessary features like Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth when you don’t need them.

The purpose of Google Play Services

Google Play Services is an API that controls the updates for select Google apps (including the Google Play Store).  The API provides key functionalities to Gmail, Maps and other Google and non-Google apps.

How to tell if it causes issues?

This can be done easily by going to Settings/Battery tapping on Battery usage. If Google Play Services consumes more power than the display it is likely that something went wrong.


Update the API

Google will release regular updates for the API but it may take a while until your device will receive the latest patch.  You can speed up the process by installing the latest Google Play Services APK. In some cases the issue can be fixed by installing beta versions.

Too many accounts

The API downloads important data in the background. If you add a large number of accounts to a single device it is likely that a significant amount of energy will be spend on keeping them up-to-date. Try removing some of the accounts in order to fix the problem.

Malfunctioning third-party apps

In some cases the issue is caused by an app that relies on Google Play Services for some of its functionalities. Boot the device into Safe Mode and check battery usage. If the issue has disappeared it is likely that one of the third-party apps is the issue.

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