Top Three Most Useful WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp is a great app that makes it easier for people to communicate with their friends and family members. The cool thing about WhatsApp is the fact that this app is equipped with a plethora of features that give users access to lots of interesting options when chatting such as sending stickers, emojis and much more. Nonetheless, WhatsApp has so many features that most users don’t even know about them all. With that said, we have rounded up the top three tips and tricks that all WhatsApp users need to learn.

Essential WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

  • How to Read Messages without Appearing Online

There are lots of cool tricks that WhatsApp users can learn but the most important one is how to check received messages without going online or changing the “last seen” status. The trick to doing this is to simply enable the “Airplane” mode on your smartphone and then check out the new messages by accessing them through the WhatsApp widget for android. All new messages are shown in the widget. Therefore, just hold the widget and drag it on the screen for the messages to pop up.

  • Send All Types of Files

One of the most useful features that WhatsApp has to offer is its ability to share all types of files. WhatsApp users should be happy to know that the chatting app doesn’t have any limitations and it can share all types of files, including APK, RAR or ZIP.

  • How to Share Live Location

Another useful trick for WhatsApp is to use the Share Live Location feature whenever you want to give someone directions. To make things even better, this feature can be accessed straight from the open chat thread and it can be accessed after tapping on the “Attachment” icon then followed by “Location”.

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