New “Jade Empire” Game is Coming Ahead of Dragon Age 4

Everyone keeps talking about what to expect from Dragon Age 4 ever since BioWare announced it during the recent E3 gaming event. Even though the short announcement trailer might make it seem like BioWare is focusing all its attention on Dragon Age 4, this might not be the case. EA has a new patent filing for Jade Empire which shows us that Dragon Age 4 is not at the top of BioWare or EA’s list of priorities.

New “Jade Empire” Game

If this is the first time that you are hearing about Jade Empire, then you should know that this game is a classic martial arts RPG (role-playing-game) from BioWare and EA. The game is fun and even though its fan base might not be as big the Dragon Age series, EA seems to be focused on creating a new Jade Empire game.

EA has filed a new patent for the game and the trademark classified Jade Empire under “Goods and Services”. The reason why companies file patents is to protect their IP (intellectual properties). We should mention that the Jade Empire title was released for Xbox 360 back in 2005. Not just that, but BioWare acquired the IP in 2007.

Online Multiplayer

The patent for Jade Empire shows that EA has some “online” plans for the game. This could be an exciting multiplayer mode. Although, there is also the possibility that the mention of “online features” in the patent for Jade Empire could simply mean that the game can be downloaded online.

When is Dragon Age 4 Coming?

Even though BioWare announced that Dragon Age 4 is going to arrive, the game developer didn’t say anything about an exact date. According to rumors and speculations, Dragon Age 4 might launch in early 2020 alongside Sony and Microsoft’s highly anticipated next-gen consoles.

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