New OnePlus 7 Press Render Gets Leaked

OnePlus 7 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones in the world and this is why it is surprising that there isn’t that much information about it available on the web. Unlike Samsung or Google, OnePlus is actually doing a great job of keeping information about its upcoming smartphones a secret. Fortunately for us, we got lucky and a picture of OnePlus 7 has been leaked. This might be our first look at OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 – First Look

The leaked picture of OnePlus 7 that we can all see above was posted on by the Italian publication “Tutto Android”. There are lots of interesting things about OnePlus 7 that we can take from the leaked picture but first, we need to mention that the leakster who uploaded this picture on Twitter is unknown. Therefore, the authenticity of the leaked picture is questionable and we don’t know for sure if it’s the real thing.

Pop-Out Selfie Camera

The most interesting OnePlus 7 feature that can be spotted in the leaked picture is the fact that the smartphone ships with a full-screen design. The display doesn’t have a top-notch or a punch-hole for the selfie camera and this confirms to us that OnePlus 7 will feature a pop-out selfie camera.

This is an innovative feature and it’s going to give OnePlus 7 the edge that it needs over its competitors. We should also note that Oppo and Vivo have already launched smartphones with a pop-out selfie shooter and for those who are out of the loop, Oppo and Vivo are owned by the same Chinese company that is in charge of OnePlus.

Top-Screen Bezel

Another interesting thing that we can take from the leaked OnePlus 7 picture is that the top bezel is bigger than the one at the bottom. Nearly all flagship smartphones feature a thicker bezel on the bottom side and from the looks of it, OnePlus doesn’t want to follow the trend.

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